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Sassy Nails & Spa | Great place for mani and pedi care in Langley City


Sassy Nails & Spa | Great place for mani and pedi care in Langley City

Spa Manicure

Let's not underestimate how good professionally polished nails feel. There's something about neatly uniformed cuticles and immaculately glossy top coats that simply can't be replicated at home.
There are more and more nail salons near me that not only decorate the nails with polishes or custom designs, but they also provide a lot of healthy treatments to rejuvenate our hands and feet.
Nail techs will shape, file and buff your nails and treat you to a soothing hand exfoliation and paraffin dip to moisten and refresh your skin. A luxurious hand massage will help alleviate stress and tension, finishing with a nail polish of your choice.
Sassy Nails & Spa | Nail salon Langley City

Spa Pedicure

Sink into a pedicure throne and let your soles be pampered. Soak in sea salts while your nails are trimmed, filed, smoothed and your calluses are buffed away. Dry skin will be rubbed away with the body polish. A massage and mask will rejuvenate tired and sore muscles, followed by a paraffin dip to moisten and refresh your feet to promote pain relief, dry skin relief and moisturizing. Finish with a polish of your choice and be on your way with attractive and rejuvenated feet.

Welcome to Sassy Nails & Spa

Sassy Nails & Spa in Langley City, BC V2Y 0L7 has carved a niche for its trademark clean, minimalist designs and elegant interiors. It’s the favourite amongst influencers for its sleek, chic and beautiful manicures. For something really special, you can choose from their signature nail art designs or work with their nail artists on something completely bespoke.

Nail Care & Spa

Nail Care & Spa

Shellac Colour Take Off $10
Nail Repair $7
French & Nail Art $7 +
Deep French $15
Shellac Colour Change Feet $35
Hard Gel Colour Change Hand $35

Sassy Nails & Spa | Nail salon Langley | Nail salon Willoughby Town Centre Dr

Address: B110, 20678 Willoughby Town Centre Dr,Langley, BC V2Y 0L7
Phone: 604-371-3344

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